Youth in Trials


Calling all STRA riders:  The youth class is back — help spread the word!

After a few years’ absence, the STRA presents a revamped and exciting youth class, with three competitive levels —Youth Classes A,B,&C.  These Youth class are for riders up to the age of 14

Youth C class is for Beginning Riders, Youth B for Intermediate Youth, and Youth A, for the more advanced youth riders.

On Saturday’s  of  each sanctioned STRA event (see “Events” for a schedule), the youth will compete on their own marked sections, giving them the opportunity to join their fellow adult riders for the varied terrain, technique-driven riding style, friendly competition, and all-around fun that is unique to trials riding. Having older, more experienced riders there to offer words of encouragement or advice is an added perk!

Because of its focus on the foundational aspects of rider-and-bike, youth trials is a great way to begin riding motorcycles. Like other sports of its caliber, trials riding teaches balance, strategy, control, motorcycle maintenance, and self-discipline. Unlike many other sports, however, trials riding is something that a family can enjoy together from early childhood long into adulthood, whether competing or hitting the trails for a day’s ride with the beautiful Southeastern landscape as your backdrop.

Trials has a lengthy history, stretching back to the earliest forms of motorcycle competition. We are excited to welcome a new generation of riders to this great sport!

Written by : Tripp Almon – Youth Director

Youth Event Video – Brenna Martin

Youth Event Video – Matthew Carr

Youth Event Video 1 – Neely Almon

Youth Event Video 2 – Neely Almon

Future Youth Rider – Rogan Almon


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